Focus Investigations on KWS officials

The Kenya wildlife officials should be held to account for the increased incidences of wildlife poaching in the country. There is overwhelming evidence that they could be the major perpetrators of the crime.

First,under the full watch of the KWS officials, eighty percent of the elephants were reportedly poached on private conservancies and twenty percent in the national parks and game reserves.

Second, Kenya has lost a total of 375 elephants and 20 rhinos to poaching in 2012 compared to 289 elephants and 29 rhinos in 2011. These figures cannot possibly be rising each year unless the personnel have permitted poaching deliberately.

In  addition,  we should not expect the rate of the vice to diminish any soon because of the alleged poor remuneration of rangers who have reportedly slackened their hands in taming poachers.

Again, it will not be far-fetched to claim that the trade in illegal ivory is thriving largely because of the loopholes created by some of the corrupt Kenya Revenue and Kenya Ports Authority officials.

Therefore, in its efforts to stem poaching, the government should not focus elsewhere apart from the culprits hidden among us.

By Moses Omusolo

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