I would like to notify the public and the fourth estate that, I  Jimnah Mbaru have lodged an appeal to the TNA’s Tribunal board, contesting the party’s decision to award the Governor nominee to Ferdinand Waititu.

The decision to appeal was informed by the following decisions;

1. The marred voting process which locked out many genuine members from voting and allowed non party members to vote

2. That the said malpractices and or irregularities include but are not limited to voter bribery, violence, undue influences and intimidation.

3.  That in some cases my agents were beaten up and chased away from polling stations. The worst incident occurred at Mukuru Kayaba, where one of my agents scholastica Mweni was severely assaulted leading to loss of her eye and she is currently admitted at KNH.

4. That the said Ferdinand Waititu pre-maturely declared himself the winner before official voting was completed, thereby…

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By Moses Omusolo

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