Kenyans in a Dilemma

Professor Egara Kabaji’s article in the Saturday Nation  of January 19,2013 revealed a very interesting fact about the March 4 elections.

He reminded many of us to forget the talk about policies and  issues because the best  story tellers will win the March elections.

Through his insightful analysis ,we also discover that the key figures of all the alliances are all story-tellers,but the best  are the ones destined to win.

CORD has been identified as synonymous with the reform story,but their track records are obscured from the reform talk.

The Jubilee Alliance leaders have been portrayed as champions of youthful leadership yet they do not qualify due to their age bracket.

The Amani Coalition with Musalia Mudavadi as its leader recites the “pair of safe hands” maxim while Martha Karua and Ole Kyiapi have been exposed  as masters of the wealth-declaration story.

Perhaps this is why CORD was ranked first as others followed in the recent opinion poll results by Info-Trak.

In connection to that, if this is the plain unvarnished truth, then we Kenyans have been doomed.And it looks like it is too late to mend.

We must blame oureslves for not making the changes early enough and vote we must.



By Moses Omusolo

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