The Puwmani Maternity Hospital Management Sleeping on the Job


The Pumwani Maternity hospital management should be held to account for failing to restore sanitation and amenities .

The Nation journalists have revealed that the maternity hospital is in dire conditions and is unsuitable for offering maternity services.


Claims of water shortages and poor sanitation abound in Kenya’s largest referral maternity hospital.The toilets cannot flush,and bathrooms are slippery with grime, but the management has not taken any corrective measures.


What about leaking taps, blocked drains,and heaps of rubbish? To add insult to injury, the laundry room in most wards are for storing equipment that  have broken down.


What more can one say about women who take days before they take a bath just because of the painful shortage of water?


I would like the ministry of Public Health and Sanitation to investigate the claims and take action against the negligent hospital administration.


The cleaning staff should improve or they be laid off. All the necessary repairs should be carried out or else the hospital should be closed down.


Lastly, the plans  by the Nairobi Metropolitan to install a 100,000 liter water tank to sort out the water  problems should be expedited.Otherwise, our lovely mothers have no business going to deliver there.


By Moses Omusolo

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