The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education(KCPE) Should be Abolished

The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Teachers(Kuppet) is largely mistaken to oppose the call by Education minister Mutula Kilonzo and other stakeholders to have KCPE examinations abolished.
They have overlooked the obvious but important disadvantages of these exams.The problem of cheating, which is also very rampant even in higher institutions of learning ,is highly contributed by these exams which are done mostly for the sake of competition and not qualification.
These exams are an ineffective means to measure ability and intelligence.In this regard, it is very unrealistic for anyone in the post modern era to believe that answering examination questions is still the best way to measure intelligence.
Intelligence should be viewed as the ability to do many other things well apart from exams.Besides, KCPE mostly measures the ability to recall information without any originality of thought.
This explains why we do not have thinkers and inventors.It explains why we are not industrialized.
Some contend  that scrapping KCPE will lead to poor performance.This is still the familiar argument for competition in schools.
Should we really be better in class as opposed to in the real world?Those who own 96 percent of the wealth in this world were not even academic giants.
Therefore,KCPE exams should be relegated to the dustbins of history for the betterment of our own country.
By Moses Omusolo

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