The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s move to charge people Sh.1O for confirming their voter registration details is exploitative.Hence it should consider offering free services.
If all the 14.3 million people confirm their registration details, IEBC will raise Sh.143 million which is very good for the commission, but for majority of Kenyans a purely exploitative move because it amounts to double taxation.
We wonder whether the government has stopped funding the operations of the commission.But this cannot be the case because Kenyans would have been informed.
On the other hand, the message the commission sends to  Kenyans for confirming their registration details has been designed poorly, a factor that will thwart the commission’s objective to raise the Sh 143 million if its readers are keen enough.
Part of the message reads thus:” Thank you for registering as voter” then at the end, a reader is given the number 15872 for sending their ID or passport number.
A keen reader will have no reason to confirm again because they have already been told that they have registered.Otherwise, if the designers of the message insist that their message is okay, they will be in for a rude shock.
Again, if they want us to confirm our registration details, this basically tells us that their staff are not competent enough to do high quality work.
What could possibly go wrong with a voter’s registration details when the electronic means were used and even the person registering being given a card showing  details correctly filled?
We should not be taxed double . IEBC should simply send free messages to all registered voters with the accurate details it was given at the time of registration.
Most importantly,there is no excuse for inaccuracy at the level of voter registration. If it is allowed, then we should not even expect the results of the March 4 elections to be credible.
By Moses Omusolo

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