Raising drinking age limit from 18 to 21 years is good move.

Naivasha Mp John Mututho is doing a good job in  terms of  saving  our young adults from alcoholism.In Kenya, most youths  who are  eighteen years and below are ,to put it bluntly ,at the cross-roads of life.Their future is not well-defined and so anything distractive and destructive does not spare them.

Among this category of things is alcoholism which should be  combatted at all costs.Even though the beer industry is complaining that  the proposal by Mr. Mututho to table in parliament a draft law   aiming to raise the drinking age limit from 18 to 21 years may stiffle business, they should know that what the Mp is doing is for the benefit of the young generation.

Besides, we are talking about health here.Alcohol is a drug like any other  and close monitoring of its use should be encouraged.

Films are strictly rated because they have the capacity to spoil children and young adults.So restricting the drinking age  to an acceptable  age limit should not be resisted.


By Moses Omusolo

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